Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Frere Jacques

Just when it looks like the girls are in the clear, something always comes back to bite them.

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6 saw the women taking drastic steps to not only get Max to back off but also protect him from Rio, who would certainly dispose of him.

In comparison to what the ladies have been through, digging up a body doesn’t even feel like such a daunting task these days.

Scared Annie - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

It’s pretty insane how far things have come from Good Girls Season 1 and the robbery. That was small potatoes in comparison to the messes they find themselves on the regular these days.

Life or death situations never seem to escape them, and this hour it wasn’t even their lives they were fighting to protect.

Max seems like the sweetest boyfriend in the world, and he was thrust into hell with Lucy’s disappearance. Anyone in his situation would have gone to the cops and anyone else who could help him track Lucy down.

But bringing the cops around and shaking things up was no good for Beth and company. And what’s no good for them is no good for Rio.

A Meeting - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Beth made a huge mistake in even telling Rio that Max existed, but she did need an excuse as to why she was unable to print the cash.

Beth: This is your fault!
Rio: You, me, we. It’s just business.

Rio cares about the bottom line. And if he hears that there’s someone out there whose mere existence is messing with his money, he will get them eliminated as soon as possible.

This whole episode was a prime example of some of the horrible decisions Beth makes along with some of the smarter ones. She flubbed by even mentioning Max to Rio, but her plan to get Max to back off actually worked.

At least for a bit.

Digging Deep - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

But before getting into that, let’s discuss the fact the women broke into a graveyard, dug up a body, and wiped Lucy’s dead face with a wet one like it was no big thing.

To say the scene was disturbing is the understatement of all understatements. I appreciate comedy, where typically un-funny situations are infused with a little comedy, but the scene just felt off.

While they were knee-deep in a grave, Ruby was discussing Stan’s upcoming review with the police department, and perhaps it wasn’t the right time for that.

I understand the correlation between what the ladies were doing and the fact that one of their husbands could soon be back on the force, but the conversation felt a bit out of place.

Shining A Light - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Maybe it was just the reality of Lucy’s death was setting in, and it was hard to concentrate on the other aspects of the scene because they were literally digging up a body.

It’s hard to see where this is heading, as Max seemed to be out of the picture one second, and then firmly back in the picture after his encounter with Dean.

It was a crazy coincidence having the two end up at the same vet, but hey, this is a television show.

If anything, it seems we’ll be seeing more of Max in the future.

Beth In Charge - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Speaking of Dean, the consistency of his character has been all over the place this season. One second he’s bemoaning Rio’s presence in their life and not listening to a thing Beth says, then the next he’s giving away a hot tub and nary asking a question.

It took a long time for the writers to get Dean to a place where the audience wasn’t completely turned off by him, and it feels like he got there, and then they didn’t know what to do with him.

The men on the show haven’t been fleshed out nearly as well as the women, but considering how much we have to see Dean, a little consistency would be nice.

Stan has always been portrayed as not just a stand-up guy, but a dependable one who loves his family more than anything. And he’s stayed true to the one-line character blurb from the beginning.

Ruby Listens - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Having his suspension lifted from the force was a big deal, and it was treated as such by both him and Ruby, who understood the gravity of the situation.

Beth: You know he can’t be a cop again, you know that right?
Ruby: What am I gonna do?

If we’re all being honest, Stan shouldn’t be a cop again if Ruby is going to continue to egg roll and Stan is going to be made aware of this.

Sure Stan doesn’t know everything, but he knows enough to be comprised.

Even though everyone knows Stan shouldn’t be a cop again, including Ruby, the fact she still went in there and sold her husband as the great man he is was a great scene. She was full-on Ruby, endearing and funny, and it helped them make their decision to lift Stan’s suspension.

Brother & Sister Time - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

That wasn’t surprising at all, but Stan turning it down was.

Then again, if this is the man that’s still haunted over a cheating episode in high school, then it would have been difficult for him to put on the uniform every day and honor an oath he didn’t feel worthy of.

It’s nice to see that Annie saw the benefits of therapy and was still trying to seek help in the aftermath of Lucy’s death.

I say this often, but all three women could use some form of therapy to help deal with the many emotions that must plague them daily. They’ve been through a tremendous amount of trauma, grief, and guilt. And while Annie kind of just stumbled her way into therapy, it’s been extremely helpful for her.

Annie Struggles - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Going back to Dr. Cohen was clear as day after the two therapists Annie saw, and hopefully, they can move past the awkwardness and continue to make progress in treatment.

Annie’s growth has been a huge bright spot this season.

Odd and Ends

  • Is it strange that I kind of like Mick? I can see why Beth’s neighbor took such a liking to him. And he really wanted that hot tub, huh?

On The Scene - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

  • Beth and Ruby not watching Lucy’s death, and Annie watching it was right in line with who we know them to be.
  • Even though she was fully capable of giving Rio his full cut, Beth decided not to and kept some money for herself. That seemed like a decision she made on her own, and it’ll be interesting to see why she chose to do that.
  • Having Sara be aware, but not truly aware of what Ruby is doing has been quite the development. Ruby doesn’t even know what to say half the times she’s confronted by Sara because she’s speaking the truth.

Alright, it’s time for you guys to weigh in!

Kitchen Meeting - Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

Why did Beth keep some of the money?

What do you think Max is going to do next?

Should Stan have accepted his job back at the police department?

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