The Best TV Shows and Movies To Watch While in Quarantine This Weekend

The way we live our lives has changed significantly in a very short amount of time because of the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, which has canceled events around the world and halted social activities everywhere. If you’re new to spending days at home on your couch without feeling sunshine on your face, you’re in luck, because we here at TV Guide are experts at doing exactly that.

Our staff has curated a number of recommendation lists to help you figure out what to watch while social distancing, including educational programs that will help you understand pandemics and the virus itself. So whether you’re looking for a new stand-up special that will make you laugh, or a sci-fi series that will allow you to escape your own life for a little while, the comprehensive list below features a bit of everything to help you get through this. You can also sign up for our daily recommendations newsletter to keep the recommendations coming. And remember, wash your hands!

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Helpful Shows to Watch If You’re Nervous About Coronavirus

From news programs and documentaries to short reports and multi-episode series, there’s plenty of things to watch to help you become a coronavirus expert that don’t involve Gwyneth Paltrow dying in Contagion.

The Best Shows and Movies to Watch This Week

If you’re interested in what’s airing on TV this week, Westworld returned Sunday, there is a resonant HBO miniseries about an alternate-history version of the United States on Monday, and the final season of Brockmire is shockingly relevant now that baseball has been postponed due to pandemic.

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The Best Movies and TV Shows on Hulu in March

These are best TV shows and movies streaming on Hulu this month, including new shows like Little Fires Everywhere and classic flicks like Charlotte’s Web. And now that FX on Hulu has launched, you can find a number of great FX programs, like Fargo, Terriers, and Damages, as well. You can also check out everything new on Hulu in March.

The Best Movies and TV Shows on Amazon Prime in March

These are best TV shows and movies streaming on Amazon Prime this month, including new adaptations like Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse and exciting films like Jumanji: The Next Level. You can also check out everything new on Amazon Prime in March.

The Best Movies and TV Shows on Netflix in March

These are best TV shows and movies streaming on Netflix this month, including the new season of the coming-of-age dramedy On My Block and the new fantasy series The Letter for the King. You can also check out everything new on Netflix in March.

 <p><em>Schitt's Creek</em> </p> <p>

Schitt’s Creek

The Best Shows You Can Stream for Free

Not everyone wants to shell out big bucks every month on streaming services, but there are still a lot of great shows you can stream legally, for free, on the internet — as long as you don’t mind putting up with some ads now and then.

The Best Educational Kids Shows to Stream During School Closures

There are a lot of companies and organizations stepping up to help offer parents guidance for how to keep their kids entertained and educated now that schools across the nation are closing. Find out what educational kids shows you can lean on during these trying times.

The Best Feel-Good Shows

Whether you’re having a good day and are looking to ride that wave, or if you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, sometimes you’re just in the mood for a TV show that will embrace you like a hug and swaddle you like a weighted blanket. These shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Disney+ are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your spirit.

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How to Watch Every Marvel Movie

If you want to relive some of your favorite moments from the MCU, you mostly just need a Disney+ subscription, as most of the 23 films are available on the streaming service. However, there are still a few films that aren’t available yet — Netflix still has a few of the streaming licenses — so find out where to watch those with this helpful story.

The Best FX Shows on Hulu

While many FX shows were already available to stream, they’re now all in one place, and a few previously unavailable or hard-to-find shows are now also available at your fingertips. These are the best FX and FXX shows streaming on FX on Hulu that you should move to the top of your priority streaming list.

 <p><em>Frozen II</em> </p> <p>

Frozen II

The Best Shows and Movies on Disney+

Disney+ comes stacked with viewing options thanks to 600-plus movies and shows from the Disney vaults and continuing additions. We’ve picked through the animated classics, the best of the Disney Channel Original Movies, the new Disney+ originals, and more to trim the mountain of possibilities into a manageable stack, emphasizing variety so everyone has something to watch.

The Best Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu

For those who want to indulge in a little escapism, nothing beats the fantastical worlds of science fiction. From space battles in the far reaches of a galaxy we’ve never heard of to advancements in technology that are changing the way we live here on Earth, sci-fi is television’s most encompassing genre, and in the hands of great storytellers, it can be the most impactful.

Every Marvel movie and Disney+ series Coming out until 2022

The Best Horror Series on Netflix

Netflix is a treasure trove of spooky series, eerie episodes, and terrifying tales. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something paranormal, gothic, supernatural, slasher, Satanic, or just straight-up schlocky, the streaming service has you covered.

The Best International Shows

Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, it’s never been easier to find quality international programming when you want it. From Dark and Wallander to Babylon Berlin and Terrace House, these popular non-English imports prove there’s always something better to watch than another rerun of Fixer Upper.

The Best International Shows on Netflix You Might Not Have Heard Of

To help you navigate a Netflix algorithm that’s infinitely bigger once you start scrolling through the non-English language shows, this list features some of the most exciting storytelling happening all around the world, focusing on shows that you may not have heard of.

 <p>Benedict Cumberbatch, <em>Sherlock</em> </p> <p>

Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock

The Best British Murder Mysteries

No one does a good murder mystery quite like the Brits; there’s just something about the atmosphere of a crisp morning in the U.K. that really drives home the narrative over there. So, if you’re in the mood to cue up some sleuthing from across the pond while staying in, here’s a look at the best British murder-mystery series available to stream.

The Best Mysteries and Crime Dramas

While the Brits might excel at murder mysteries, they aren’t the only ones producing engrossing whodunnits. This list takes a broader view of mystery and crime dramas and includes some suggestions from the U.S. and other regions as well.

The Best Young Adult Movies on Netflix

If you are looking for some fun, youthful, adventures to take your mind off what’s going on outside, this is the list for you. From rom-coms to soapy thrillers, these are the best young adult movies to watch on Netflix.

The Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Netflix

The world is a scary, uncertain place right now, and maybe the best way to get through it is through laughing. These excellent stand-up comedy specials on Netflix will help you out in this trying time. Laughter is the second-best medicine, after Sudafed .

The Best Shows to Watch on Acorn TV

Acorn TV specializes in British programming, including a huge selection of those moody international murder mysteries that you can’t get enough of, and it’s relatively cheap to subscribe. These are the best shows to watch, including The Hour and Agatha Raisin. Acorn TV is currently offering an extended 30-day free trial, so sign up now using promo code FREE30.

 <p><em>BoJack Horseman</em> </p> <p>

BoJack Horseman

The Best Adult Animated Shows on Netflix

Netflix has also become a solid provider of grown-up-friendly cartoons, so, if you’re looking to stream another show drawn to satisfy a more mature audience, here are some options to add to that Netflix queue right now.

The Best Historical Dramas on Netflix

While historical dramas might not be super accurate, but they make history exciting, with high-stakes drama and opulent costumes that are most certainly way out of your budget. If you’re among those who can’t get enough of period pieces, grab a cup of tea and settle in with these historical dramas on Netflix.

The Best Kids Movies

This list of the best kid-friendly flicks that are available on Netflix, Disney+, and other platforms right now, will help you and your little one (or just you, no judgment!) get through these next few weeks.

The Best Reality Competition Shows on Netflix

There’s nothing like the unscripted drama of real people fighting to see their dreams realized, which is why reality competition shows are so addictive. From amateur bakers to interior designers, we’ve got you covered with a carefully curated list of the best reality competition shows streaming right now on Netflix.

The Best New Shows of 2020

A new year means a lot of new TV shows. We’ve done the work for you by figuring out the best new shows of 2020 and putting them in this easy-to-read list so you don’t have to waste your life endlessly browsing.

<p>Tyler Posey, <em>Teen Wolf</em> </p>

Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf

The Best Supernatural Shows Right Now

Much like its genre neighbor science-fiction, supernatural shows allow viewers to escape into a world full of the unknown. Sometimes, they’re scary and full of things that go bump in the night; at others, they’re funny and inject a nice dose of levity into stressful situations; and often, they’re full of hunky teenagers who are also werewolves. The storytelling options here are truly limitless.

The Best True Crime Shows to Watch on Netflix

Netflix is the streaming home for true crime shows, and we’ve done the work for you, finding the best of the true crime docuseries currently available, from the buzzy new releases to the reliable standards and everything in between.

The Best Teen TV Shows on Netflix

Between Netflix’s expansive Originals slate and acquired titles, the service is unrivaled when it comes to coming-of-age TV shows. It has every type of teen show you could desire, from irreverent comedies and heartfelt dramedies, to sci-fi thrillers and supernatural love stories, to juicy soaps and tender family fare.

The Best Apocalypse Shows and Movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu

If you’re looking for the best post-apocalyptic, end-of-the-world TV shows and movies to watch, look no further. These programs offer a look at life after civilization and offer glimpses of what the world will look like after we’ve destroyed it.

The Best Horror Movies on Netflix

There really is never a bad time to watch any one of the best horror flicks available to stream — and there are a ton of options just on Netflix alone! Whether you’re looking for classic B-movie fare, something grim and gory, an over-the-top slasher flick, or some of the genre’s most seminal films, there’s a streaming option for you.

The Best Shows on BritBox

From BBC Studios and ITV, BritBox has everything from your favorite British sitcoms and classic sci-fi programs to irresistible crime dramas. And in the case of ongoing series, you can often see the new episodes not long after they air in the U.K.

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