Supernatural Recap: Sam and Dean Are the ‘Messengers of God’s Destruction’

Crisis on Infinite Earths merged all of Arrowverse’s alternate worlds, and it looks like Supernatural is following suite by destroying the different worlds in its own multiverse. Monday’s spring premiere, titled “Galaxy Brain,” saw Chuck (Rob Benedict) travel to Earth-2 to rant about all the ways in which Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) challenge him. His self-indulgent monologue to a young salesman at Radioshed led him to a conclusion only Thanos would appreciate: cancel all the other worlds and focus on the original copy. In other words, he’s going to destroy every other universe except for Earth-1.

Back at the bunker, the boys contemplated Jack’s (Alexander Calvert) deal with Billie, aka Death (Lisa Berry), to eat angel hearts in order to gain enough strength to kill Chuck. Friendly reminder that Jack is currently operating without a soul which makes him a huge liability in Sam’s mind. Even Cas (Misha Collins) was concerned about Billie, but is putting his faith in his adopted son. Dean also believes in Billie’s plan and it’s only Sam who remains skeptical about the whole thing. But as Dean aptly put it, Jack’s gruesome new diet is the only plan they’ve got right now so he’s just gonna have to trust Billie.

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A reaper visited Jack to make sure he follows Billie’s rules, which means not using his powers until he’s ready to take on Chuck. Overhearing their conversation, Sam ignores Jack’s lie about his private chat with the reaper to assure the young Nephilim that he and Dean were there for Jack. Also taking the time to bond were Cas and Dean, who shared a bourbon while burying their season-long tension, with Dean finally admitting that Cas was right. But the moment wasn’t meant to last. The boys soon received a call from Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), who revealed she’s been kidnapped.

The Winchesters found Jody tied up and were immediately attacked by Kaia’s evil doppelganger who had been looking for the Spear of Destiny in order to get back to the Bad Place. To be fair, Sam and Dean did promise to help her return home and kinda fell through on the deal. The circumstances were especially dire now that her home world was dying — at Chuck’s hand, no less — and she needed their help to return. The only reason she knew this is because Kaia is still alive in the Bad Place and they have shared visions so she could see what’s happening.

This puts the Winchesters in an impossible position. In order to rescue Kaia, Jack wound need to use his powers to open the rift which would then alert Chuck, who would then find and kill him all over again. At the bunker, Cas jumps into stern dad mode and shoots down the idea. “Jack can’t help her,” he insists. Jody, still fuming over being violently kidnapped, was also less inclined to help and seems more interested in throwing hands. Given what Kaia put her through, who could blame her?

Jensen Ackles, Kim Rhodes and Jared Padalecki, <em>Supernatural</em>Jensen Ackles, Kim Rhodes and Jared Padalecki, Supernatural

Jody was much kinder to Cas, who asked about Claire. It’s the first time these two are meeting face to face and this moment is as tender as a perfectly cooked steak. Jody revealed that she hasn’t told Claire that Kaia is still alive, because she knows Claire would do anything to save Kaia and if they fail, that would crush her. So for now, Claire will have to remain out of the loop.

Elsewhere, Jack tried to reach out to not-Kaia to apologize for not being able to help and the evil doppelganger responded with major ‘tude. After admitting that she only came to this Earth because she envied Kaia and wanted to see what it was like, she urged Jack to help her return to where she belongs. Jack uses his power to dreamwalk to Kaia in the Bad Place to gain a full sense of what’s happening. What not-Kaia said was true and he resolved to help. The reaper showed up just in time to object, threatening to rat him out to Billie. But Jack wasn’t afraid and gave her two options: tell Billie that things went south under the reaper’s watch or help them and Billie doesn’t have to find out. Of course, Reaper opts for the second option.

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What the reaper neglected to reveal earlier was that she knows a way to restore Amara’s cosmic barrier, which might be enough to shield them from Chuck. It’s a temporary solution to a permanent problem, which the Winchesters go for. The plan might be risky, but they’re doing what’s right, so it’s worth it. Sam cast a spell to bring up the barrier, Jack opened the rift to the Bad Place, and the Winchesters were on their way to rescue Kaia.

Before Jody could join them, Cas stopped her. He reminds the sheriff that if things went south and both she and Kaia die, that would destroy Claire so she should probably sit this one out. Cas might never be able to make it up to Claire for using her dad’s body as his vessel, but he could at least try to keep Jody alive. His plea worked and Jody agreed to hang back while Sam, Dean and Kaia’s evil doppelganger headed off to the Bad Place.

They quickly found themselves surrounded by red-eyed creatures who bore a striking resemblance to Star Wars’ desert-dwelling humanoids, the Jawas. Terrified of their world ending, the creatures scurried away and the gang was left to search for Kaia. It wasn’t long before they’re face to face with the dreamwalker, who was very much alive and happy to see her friends. With the Bad Place quickly crumbling, it was time to leave. However, Kaia’s doppelganger decides to stay behind and die with her world.

At the bunker, the real Kaia greeted Jody with a hug and things suddenly felt right. Jody then invited her to come back to Sioux Falls, where she could finally be reunited with Claire. She agreed, of course.

Lisa Berry, <em>Supernatural</em>Lisa Berry, Supernatural

Just when things were winding down. Billie showed up to kill her reaper and drop some very important knowledge. She informed Team Free Will that Chuck was wiping out all of the other worlds as part of his twisted endgame. And while it may seem like Chuck is unstoppable, the creator of the universe isn’t exactly impenetrable. It turns out Chuck has his own book in Death’s library, which he cannot see. And since he anchored himself to this world as a way of allowing it to sustain itself when he’s not around, he still has a weakness: the Winchesters, who are the messengers of God’s destruction. It looks like the boys are not just in this epic fight, but they actually have a chance at winning.

Back on Earth-2, Chuck got bored eating takeout and watching 27 TVs at once. After promising the poor sales guy that everything would be fine, he walked out and promptly summoned an asteroid to destroy the planet. In case you weren’t already aware, Chuck’s a dick.

Supernatural airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, <em>Supernatural</em>Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Supernatural

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