The Walking Dead: 9 Major Questions We Have Going Into The Big Whisperers War

How Will Michonne’s Return Affect The Whisperer War?

Beyond her brief appearances in trailers for the back half of Season 10, The Walking Dead fans last saw Michonne in the midseason finale “The World Before,” in which she set off to accompany Kevin Carroll’s Virgil back to a Naval base in order to acquire weapons to aid in defeating the Whisperers. It looks like Michonne might be too late to thwart the villains’ earliest War efforts, but for all we know, she may very well on the Whisperer horde’s periphery, approaching quietly and awaiting the perfect moment to take Alpha and Beta out. Okay, so it almost definitely won’t be that easy, but I do hope Michonne returns soon, and with enough ammo to turn the Whisperers into Swiss cheese.

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