Alison Brie: 7 Things You Need To Know About The GLOW Star

Alison Brie Used To Be A Clown At Birthday Parties

Everyone has to start somewhere. When you’re a hungry actor looking to make a living for your art, you often have to be crafty in your efforts. When it comes to Alison Brie, she took an unusual path during her early days. Specifically, Brie performed as a clown for birthday parties. Hey, it’s a living!

As Brie explained in a 2017 video with Marie Claire, she spent a summer attending children’s birthday parties as a clown, as well as a few other characters like Snow White (which she considered her best), Cinderella, and a Powderpuff Girl (which she considered her worst). Ultimately, Brie admits she quit the profession because it got “too stressful.” Eventually, while she was entertaining a bunch of young children, the job itself wasn’t quite a laugh riot, as you can likely imagine. Although it’s been a few years since her clown days, Alison Brie still knows a few tricks of the trade, including balloon animals.

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