Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11 Review: The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two

The great escape of Tobias Whale has come to fruition on Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11. But, it’s not the grand farewell he or anyone expected.

Lynn’s determination to get her nemesis out of The Pit involved a new serum and a master plan that put her in danger if caught. She was already a target of the ASA, but her determination was stronger than their security system. (And the Markovian’s electrical weapons were even stronger!)

Lynn needs to take a step back and assess her string of bad luck. Things haven’t been working out for her for a long while.

Thunder Returns - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

For another week in a row, Lynn’s addiction has been left ignored by the closest people around her.

Did Jefferson not do anything after he discovered the drugs? He found her with drugs, but there was no interaction between them here. It’s strange that he hasn’t helped the love of his life or told anyone.

Gambi didn’t even know that she was taking Green Light. He had a feeling that something was amiss, but he legitimately had no clue that she was using.

If a family member was spiraling as bad as Lynn was, the first obvious step would be to help her and get loved ones involved. None of that happened.

It’s a baffling development to know that the characters care so little about Lynn’s freefall. Hopefully, Black Lightning is leading this plot to a satisfying conclusion and won’t dismiss it as her family has.

The Truth About Lynn - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Lynn’s addiction got a bit of a break when Sergeant Grayle delivered the missing bag to her. There was a sharp change in her mood, appearance, and demeanor once she was back to using Green Light.

Lynn seemed refreshed and reinvigorated, almost as if she were a new person.

Her story has provided a good comparison to drug plotlines in a real and raw manner. The character has fallen deeper into their need for drugs as they suffered through withdrawals, but once she got the Green Light, she was highly functioning and focused. (Well, overly focused in Lynn’s case.)

She still made a lot of reckless and terrible moves. However, the tone felt lighter regarding Lynn’s storyline, almost as if her newfound clarity calmed down the tension and haze.

Family Woes - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Sergeant Grayle is the best thing to happen to Lynn’s metahuman cause. Without his help, Lynn wouldn’t have been able to test the serum on a safe test subject and she wouldn’t have gotten new doses of Green Light.

It’s a shame that he didn’t go help the resistance or Black Lightning first.

While Lynn wants to help in her way, she’s too unpredictable with her addiction. The resistance could’ve provided a more structured way to help the metahuman kids under the ASA’s control or to do something from within.

Lynn: If this meta-booster works, I can temporarily augment normal cells transferred to a particular metahuman profile.
Sergeant Grayle: That’s unbelievable! Everyone can have powers.
Lynn: Temporarily. If it works, I can sneak Tobias out, but I have to test it out on myself to be certain.
Sergeant Grayle: No. You’re too important. What if something goes wrong? I’ll do it.

He’s a nice addition, but we shouldn’t get too attached to him. The video message he created is the ultimate foreshadowing and warning sign.

Something bad will no doubt happen to him while trapped with the Markovians. That video will play a part in exposing the ASA.

How? That we’ll have to wait and see.

Baron - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Lynn’s new metahuman serum is an interesting discovery for Black Lightning.

The series has focused on plots between humans vs. metahumans, as well as metahumans vs. metahumans utilizing their powers in fights. But, what could happen if people can take on the powers of others for a short amount of time?

Could this type of technology be utilized by enemies for evil?

That serum is something the Markovians shouldn’t get their hands on since they’ll use it in their war. Though, of course, Lynn, Grayle, and Tobias are heading straight there after a classic ambush trope.

Once again, Lynn’s handling of the Tobias situation blew up in her face. It’s become a habit at this point.

Hidden Kisses - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Grace and Anissa delivered on the overdue romantic shipping we’ve been missing out on these last few weeks.

Even with time away, nothing has changed them between. They’re so cute together!

Though, as much as their couple scenes were appreciated, Grace shouldn’t have returned to Freeland.

Grace: How could you not like puzzles?
Anissa: I’m just saying, even as a kid, puzzles completely puzzled me.
Grace: Haha, funny pun.

Did the Pierces learn nothing after what happened to Tavon? It’s safer for her to be outside of the barrier than being back in. Even with protection and learning from their mistakes, there is no guarantee she’ll be safe.

Grace prospered away from town and focused on her well-being. Being away from the chaos was the best thing for her; it’s a shame Black Lightning gave up that benefit.

Jennifer's Target - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Jennifer single-handedly made the dumbest decision on Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11. Actually, it might be tied with Lynn taking Green Light as the worst decision yet on Black Lightning Season 3.

Sure, seeing Khalil alive and evil is a shocking bit of information that would leave anyone stunned. Jennifer’s initial reaction was understandable; we were right there with her when he emerged from his ASA pod.

However, after he goes into full Painkiller mode and the ASA swarm the building, why would she keep Thunder and Black Lightning restrained during this intense fight?

Why?! They weren’t going to kill him. Jennifer could’ve gotten her answers afterward.

Set To Kill - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

This twist was nothing more than the series finding a way to have Odell escape their clutches and drag on this plot even longer than it should be. Jennifer’s frustrating move didn’t just ruin the heroes’ plan, but it held Black Lightning back from moving forward thanks to a plot convenient decision.

I had a lot of hope for Jennifer after the midseason hiatus, but these last two weeks have been one disappointing development after another.

Jefferson: So, you feel like this is our fault?
Jennifer: No, I don’t. But, they’re growing everyday and it’s painful. I love you and Mom, but you made me feel like some sort of freak who had to be locked up all the time. And Odell, he made me feel special. I know this sounds crazy, but he set me free in ways I never could’ve imaged. He took me to space, Dad. I’ve been to space!

She started off strong in her choice to tell Jefferson the truth about her partnership with Agent Odell and her fight against the Markovians.

And, her decision to welcome Brandon into the fold as a new ally was welcomed since the team needs more allies. “Geo” (if that’s his new superhero name) seems trustworthy.

It all went downhill from there. Character development didn’t have a chance against plot convenience.

Tragedy Strikes - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

As a contrast to Jennifer, Jefferson and Anissa thrived in their joint storyline to take down Agent Odell. There aren’t many moments like this where they work harmoniously together, so it was a welcome addition!

Now we know where Jennifer gets her heated determination from. Note to everyone: no one comes between Jefferson and his family. All his hesitation for stopping the ASA went out the window once they came for his daughter.

Agent Odell is lucky that Gambi wasn’t going to torture him with the nail. Jefferson would’ve driven the nail down himself if given the chance.

The trio of Gambi, Black Lightning, and Thunder got a lot accomplished when they put their effort into it. And when Black Lightning is spurred on by his fury to stop a dangerous foe. If Lightning hadn’t ruined their plans, they would’ve succeeded in getting Odell away from the ASA.

Does anyone else miss the good old days of this trio teaming up? Oh, the nostalgia.

Enemies of the State - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

In Lala’s case, no one comes between him and his money … or power … or vengeance. Let’s face it, Lala won’t let anyone take anything from him. Even if it is the enigmatic and flawless Lady Eve.

The queen is back, alive, and thriving with a successful business. Sure, it’s a brothel and she’s just as corrupt, but she’s gotta have goals to get her money and control back in Freeland.

Having T.C.’s discovery becomes a red-herring helped to drive the shock value when Lady Eve turned up alive. A great move by Black Lightning to bring back a fun villain.

Criminal Meeting - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Did anyone else love the confrontation between Lala and Lady Eve at The Ultimate O?

You could feel the tension between them as they stared daggers at one another. If one of them had made the wrong move, a battle would’ve broken out and delivered major pandemonium.

Their villainous chemistry is off the charts and could be potential for more drama to come.

Lady Eve: Well, well, well. I thought I saw you when I was in Resurrection, but I assumed I was dreaming. Now you’re back on top in Freeland.
Lala: I like this little hustle that you’ve got going here.
Lady Eve: Let me guess, you want a piece?
Lala: Nah, I’m taking the whole thing. As of right now, you work for me.
Lady Eve: Ain’t gonna happen.
Lala: I know where Lazarus’ creepy a** stay. If I smoke both of y’all, there ain’t no coming back for you. Be careful writing checks with your mouth that you’re a** can’t cash.
Lady Eve: Honey, you’d be surprised at what this a** can do. Now I’d appreciate it if you’d leave and take the 40 hitters you have waiting outside to leave with you.

We know of Lala’s powers, but maybe Lady Eve developed something special too while with Lazarus? She somewhat teased about hiding talents that Lala shouldn’t mess with.

Just imagine if they battled it out for control of Freeland’s streets. They would be great foes for the main Black Lightning storyline, but also the secondary/tertiary storylines for the side-characters.

Lala - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Last Thoughts Lightning Round:

  • Gambi cares about T.C. a lot; almost like a new father/son relationship. He didn’t hesitate for a second to get the cure.
  • Even amid drama with the ASA, Jefferson can’t ignore his parenting habits. Brandon looked so worried at the questioning!
  • Was anyone else overjoyed to see Thunder return? Anissa’s first alter-ego needs to stick around!
  • If T.C. can get into Painkiller’s mind, could he potentially free Khalil and bring him back?

Lady Eve Returns - Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11

Now, over to you, Black Lightning fans!

What did you think of “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two”?

Will Agent Odell ever return to Freeland again? Could the kidnapping spell doom for Lynn, Tobias, and Grayle? What secrets might Painkiller expose if his mind is unlocked?

If you missed the latest episode of Black Lightning, you can watch Black Lightning online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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